Throughout all of my co-op, part-time, and volunteer positions I have collected a vast amount of experience in many fields. I’ve worked in many industries, making my mark at every workplace that I’ve been to. I made the best out of all opportunities that I’ve been given, learning from what all of my co-workers and peers have to offer while providing guidance in my areas of expertise.

Marketing Positions

These positions have exposed me to the wide field of marketing. Specifically, I’ve worked within Marketing Research, Outreach and Promotions, and Marketing Planning. I have gained exposure to almost all parts of the marketing chain, seeing a product from conceptualization to sales through my various roles. I have worked to create social media strategies, interviewed and surveyed individuals for research, and have been exposed to how an organization tailors marketing to reach its goals.

Technical Positions

These positions have exposed me to the inner workings of large organizations and their reliance of technology to conduct business. I’ve been a part of the project management process, being part of the transition team overseeing an SAP implementation as well as part of a development team designing system modules. In addition to the building side of enterprise technology, I’ve also been a part of the system sustainment perspective, getting a glimpse into how these large systems stay maintained.